Ultraframe Classis winter garden system is one of the most popular systems available today. It has been manufactured high quality conservatories for many years for companies representing the UK and other countries.
Since it has shown up on the market, every second winter garden sold is Ultraframe Classic, that means more than 1 million winter gardens only in the UK.

Winter gardens are subject to weather in every day of all four seasons. For this reason it has be to resilient, to make sure that the owner can enjoy the beauty and function of it for many years to come.
The Classic winter garden system includes all types, shapes, sizes or designs, whatever the requirement might be, weather the roof would be made of policarbonate or glass. Any shape could be designed, taking into account structural requirements, intersections and weather circumstances.

The Ultraframe Classic winter garden has been designed with the latest computer technology, created by a team of very experienced developers.
The development team took part in every step of the process which was closed by sending it to BBA Council. The BBA recommendation guarantees, that you only buy a winter garden to the highest standards.

Continuous innovation is the key to success with Ultraframe. Ventillating rooftop system is the signature design of Ultraframe company. With this design, we can completely eliminate the problem of high humidity, no ventillation and finally moulding of the winter gardens.

Ultraframe winter gardens are useful living space up to 60% relative humidity. It creates perfect ventillation.

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