6 reasons, to buy aluminum shades/blindes

Sound insulation and heat protection

Thanks to their efficient thermal and acoustic abilities, they ensure a pleasant temperature, noise-free environment, so you can have a calm sleep at night and you can relax.

Protection against UV radiation

They protect doors/windows and furnitures from UV radiotion of the sun as well as from the weather conditons. The best and most economical way to protect your house's windows is installation of aluminum shades.


Although the aluminum shade is not a safety product, it can significantly reduce getting of unwanted visitors. You and your children can calmly relax or enjoy active games protected by the lowered aluminum shades.

Protection against peeking

Do not allow peeking into your private sphere. You decide when to open or close it. You can stay undisturbed and enjoy all the benefits of your home, the place where you can be truly yourself.

Installation combined with mosquito net

Especially in the summer you can be disturbed by mosquitoes, flies and other insects flying into your home. Keep them away with your shutter-built-in mobile mosquito nets or for the bigger surfaces with the sliding plait mosquito nets.

Quality and durability

You choose your aluminum shutters for decades and not for jus a few years, so quality and durability are crucial. It's not worth to give up on this, because we know if you pay fast, you pay twice.