Design is a very important task for us, we have to completely understand the specific needs and dreams of our customers, in order to serve them with our own designed and manufactured furnitures.

Our staff is constantly working to completely meet customers' desire.

In addition to the built-in furnitures we manufacture various other furnitures, shopfittings, decorations, wall coverings. We can completely fulfill customer's requirements, the possibilities are countless as in sizes as in forms and design.

We can supply our customers with complete implementation of furnitures and with the formation of the front-corpus of existing cabinets.

The furnitures can be manufactured in painted, decoratingfolied and veneered design.

Our carpenter factory is equipped with panel-sizing machine, all kind of drills, strap embosser and corpus press machine, belt sender, edge-bending machine and all types of essential handy and desktop tools.

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