Are you building a house or renovating? Or you want to modernize your house? We offer bi-directional communication, remote accessibility through an intelligent building automation system for your convenience, both for new and existing houses! Installation without engraving and destruction!

Intelligent building automation with German radio system. B-Tronic intelligent building control for your comfort, safety and energy savings.


Unlike the previous Becker automation systems, the B-TRONIC intelligent building automation system not only directs but also gives you feedback, if the devices (e.g. shutter motor), alarm system, lighting, watering systems etc., have been completed your commands.


Thanks to the coordinated functions (so-called scenes), the energy costs can be reduced, thus save energy. B-TRONIC intelligent home automation centers are compatible with both the Centronic and the B-TRONIC shutter motors.


KNX-RF building automation standard: base of the B-TRONIC intelligent home automation system.
KNX is a globally recognized standard in the building automation of modern houses.


You can operate your shutters and also your alarm system with the intelligent B-TRONIC control center. Thanks to the bidirectional system (return communicating) even from your workplace or vacation you can check the safety of your home. With the intelligent home automation you can simulate “staying at home”, as it can operate the shading and lighting automatically (within the specified parameters).

B-Tronic roller shutter drive with electronic limit switch and integrated bi-directional radio receiver

  • Thanks to the bidirectional (bilateral) communication, the drive sends feedback - about its actual status and the implementation of the command - to the control unit. 16 unit can be programmed to 1 drive. The switching times can be programmed via the control panel.
  • Easy operation, 2 freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
  • Extra sensitive obstacle detection: any obstacle is detected, the engine stops.
  • Anti-freeze protection.
  • Activated status sending and repeater functions.
  • Automatic increase of the pressing force with anti-lifting devices.
  • Dynamic torque adjustment.
  • Replaceable motor cable.
  • Available in 9-40mm,  40s and 60s axes

High quality with 5 years guarantee.