When deciding on our product range, our strongest priority was to look for manufacturers of wood, plastic and aluminum doors, who's products gives guarantee of the highest quality. Our exterior doors give the best price-value ratio on the long term satisfaction scale. There is no extra cost for ordering customized wood and plastic doors.

Available doors:

Our door selection in general

Weather you choose plastic or wood or aluminum doors, it is very important that the chosen product entirely fits the style of the house and its owners. As there many types of doors for different purposes, the requirements may vary with their usage.

More detailed explanation of our plastic, aluminum and wood exterior and interior doors can be found by clicking on the specific door type menus, here you can find general description about the different types of doors.

Plastic door

The plastic doors have excellent insulation capabilities, they are absolutely airtight and simple design, easy to keep clean. The plastic doors advantage over the wood door, that it does not need surface treatment.

Types of plastic doors:ajtó

  • plastic exterior entry doors: Mainly used for houses, excellent insulating capabilities, also excellent noise reduction and completely waterproof with massive profile. The interior and exterior design may vary.
  • Plastic interior entry doors: widely used in condos/apartment buildings, as it's not subject to weather, the main emphasis is on security rather then weather.

The entry door separates our interior from the outside world. Hence its very important to choose the best insulating door. A proper door has quality assurances and guarantee. The following parameters are very important for proper insulation:

  • 5 or 7 air chamber, “A” class profile, 2.8 mm exterior main wall thickness
  • 70 mm or 82 mm installation depth
  • rubber sealing: 2 or 3 stripes sealents EPDM, black or grey with excellent air and noise insulation
  • Increased inertia galvanized steel stiffeners
  • anti-thermal bridge aluminum doorstep

Details mentioned above are characteristics of the products we sell. When buying a door, another important feature is the design, the way the door looks. Wide range of products makes an easy choice for selecting the best available option. Installation is made by licensed professionals, which is the guarantee for long term satisfaction.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are favored because of the excellent quality of the wood and it has a natural feel. The biggest advantage of the wooden door, is that its close to nature, has a friendly atmosphere in the apartment or house. 

Types of wooden doors:

  • wooden exterior entry door: exterior entry doors require upkeep against weather effects, it has to be weather-resistant to maintain its excellent quality. Mainly used in family houses.
  • Wooden interior entry door: to ensure quality, its better to choose a treated door.

We recommend wooden doors for those who like natural feel in their homes. Thanks to the material of the wood it has a natural breathing capability. If the door is properly treated, it helps air-circulation even in dry-aired places, like rooms heated by gas heaters.

Aluminum doors

We can customize our doors, windows, curtainwalls with special hinges (door-hinge, window opener, panic-lock, multiple security lock, door handle....). We can provide our doors/windows with any chosen type of glass, weather it be clean, milky or reflexive. We can provide 3 layered windows for better insulation. The structures are treated with a special painting procedure (dusting).

műanyag ajtóMain usage of the aluminum doors:
  • exterior with window or aluminum insert with special paint-coating
  • interior, as partitioner, with or without glass window

We manufacture our doors with single or with 3 air-chamber variants. We can choose different types of glassing from 4-41mm. Further advantages of the aluminum door, are that it is durable and it enables large spaces to be closed. Regarding the exterior design, there are plenty of opportunities and as an extra, the doors can be painted using all types of colors from the RAL scale.