Our manufacturer is Central and Eastern Europe's leading manufacturer. Our activity focuses on the following areas of expertise:

  • Facade systems
  • window and door systems
  • blinds and gates.

Our strategy to offer for architects, manufacturers, construction companies and private customers a wide product portfolio.
The facade systems provide help to fabric glass facades for buildings such as: banks, hotels, offices, office buildings, car showrooms, sports facilities and more. In addition, they are used for large spatial and roof glazing structures, which are responsible for proper illumination of interiors of buildings and to create the right atmosphere and comfort for people.

Usage of door-window systems depends on the functionality, the aesthetics, thermal insulation, resistance against penetration, smoke-free or fire protection requirements. These are structures without thermal insulation, used for building internal dividers. Not only the most commonly used opening types can be manufactured: opening, tilt or sliding, but also the rarely seen "Pivot" swivel windows, the outward-opening windows or rooftop windows which are used for glass roofs, winter gardens or fanlights/skylights.

Thinking of aluminum structures - modern architecture comes to mind, however, we offering doors and windows used for renovated historic buildings as well.

Aluminum design is the perfect tool of modern architecture and innovative designers plans.

Areas of use:

  • doors and windows of office buildings, warehouses, stores 
  • entrance doors with multiple safety system
  • windbreaks, automatic doors
  • conservatories, skylights.

To meet the specific needs of our customers, doors, windows, curtain walls can be equipped with  any "special" hinges (door closers, windows openers, panic lock, multi-point security lock, door handle, ...). The windows and doors can be glazed of any commercially available glass, such as transparent, reflection, frosted glass. Thermal bridge free profiles can be filled with three-layered glass, for best insulating. The structures are treated with powder-coating process.


  • Thermal bridge (single-chamber) or thermal bridge free (three-chamber) - Spectral, MB, Schüco
  • Any glazing: 4mm-41mm (with any commercially available glass)
  • Robust, large facade surfaces can be covered
  • Powder-coating with any RAL color 


  • Any glazing 4mm-41mm (any commercially available glass)


  • Powder-coating with any RAL color


Based on individual calculations.

Opel Autohaus Hnolik Vienna / Austria

Manufacture, delivery of aluminum structures, plastic-aluminum windows, installation with motorized venetian blindes/shades.

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