There are 3 secrets of the long-term durability of the doors and windows:

  • quality of the manufacturing
  • accuracy of the manufacturing
  • and the most important is the professional installation.

Installations made with great care and expertise will enable even a lower quality window/door to function properly.

Even higher quality doors and windows would not function as required, if the installation has not been done properly.

It is important to use quality supporting material. High quality dowel pins, anchors will be able to support doors and windows even in lower quality bricks. Using high quality insulation PUR foams helps you prevent rapturing the structure by changing its size.

Our company is committed to using high quality supporting materials, in part these materials will help our co-workers at installations. On the other hand, we also take great care at training our colleagues  to enable them to a high quality work.

Do not hesitate to request our RAL system quote as well!

RAL system installation

The RAL standards are the guarantee for high quality work.

Insulation between a brick and a window as important as the installation itself. If the insulation picks up humidity, we might encounter molding, thermal-bridge, even cracks around the window which causes heat loss.

In RAL technology we use special sealing, vapor permeable folies to make sure that the PUR foam stays dry. This sealent makes sure, that the insulation can not transfer humidity from in to outside. The sealent requires straight wall lines and dry building.

We can achieve improved energy- and money saving with the RAL technology and  not to mention, that also enables us to improve our marking on the compulsory energy certificates, which are necessary from 2012.

RAL beépítés

The PUR foam technology might be exchanged by expanding tapes. This is a one-page adhesive, polyurethane pre-printed strip of synthetic resin impregnated in polypropylene film.

It can be used as exterior and interior wapor dumpening solution or as seals. It contains a special polypropylene film which expends into the gaps. Expanding tapes will function not only as humidiy dumpening, but also as seals.

RAL beépítés - Illbruck szalag

Trioplex comprimed taped installation combined with Duo RAL-tape


Trioplex kompirmált szalagos beépítés Duo RAL szalaggal Trioplex komprimált szalagos beépítés folyamata



Proper maintenance is the guarantee for an “until the end of times” properly functioning doors and windows. It has to be done every year or latest every two years. It might be done individually, but we recommend professional help.

Our company is delighted to offer maintenance contract for our installations. We will provide fine tuning, lubrication and treatment of the seals on site.

With our maintenance program we can extend the guarantee further than the legal requirements.

We recommend to perform the maintenance mostly in the winter months, as it is atmost importance to have the doors/windows perfectly closing, preventing air blust.

A few photos of our installations: 

RAL szalagozás folyamata      Konzolos RAL szalagos beépítés Konzolos RAL szalagos beépítés Motoros zsaluzia beüzemelése

  Családi ház RAL-szalagos nyílászáró beépítés / Ausztria :

Ral-szalagos beépítés vakolható tokos redőnnyel RAL-szalagos beépités belső oldalon Sarok üvegfal RAL-beépítésének folyamata Sarok üvegfal RAL-beépítése zsaluziával

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