I can say, that I have found a company on the doors/windows market, with whome I managed to built efficient and reliable partnership, because they are reliable, they invest in future technologies, they always keep their company up to date with the latest rules and regulations – hence they make our work more successful.....

Otto Panyi, chartered architech and designer

How can you identify a quality plastic door/window?

A good plastic door/window is made of middle sealed profile, with a minimum width of 2.8 mm (or more). We call this A-category profile. Thinner than this criteria profiles – even if they have steel strenghtener inside – they still called B or C category profiles.

Why do we recommend a middle sealed plastic door/window?

The middle sealing profile system is an open gap system, that, for such external impact doors opened, and a so-called water vapor supplies the water collection, drainage and waterproofing function, while the airtightness is provided by the rubber seals of the doors.

The middle sealed doors/windows are better protected from weather effects, as the energy of the rain or wind will deminish through the 1 mm outer gap due to the change in cross-section. Because of that, they have higher insulating capability.

These doors and windows can be equipped with extra rubber sealing to increase the sound or weather protection capabilities.

The wind-sealed doors/windows are closed gap system, the fittings are more exposed to humidity and water, whereas the middle sealed doors/windows fittings are always kept dry.

The wind-sealed window profiles are mostly offset plane, so the rain will attack mostly the rubber gaskets. Whereas on the middle sealing doors and windows - because of the aerodynamic effects - the rain will get a swirl and wash down without effecting the sealing of the windows.

How can we identify a quality fitting?

The main feature of a quality fitting is that it was treated with nanotechnology, besides that, it contains protection against erronous operation, gust protection and partial-ventillation. A quality plastic door/window has aluminum or increased inertia galvanized steel internal bracing.

How can we identify quality glazing?

There are several options for glazing:

2 plane glass - 4/16/4 mm layered glazing, where the outer part of the inner plane gets LOW-E (soft metal) coating and the air chambers are filled with argon or cripton gas. The value of the insulation is 1,1 W/m2K

3 plane glass – 4-14-4-14-4 or 4-18-4-18-4 mm layered warm flange glazing, where the outer part of the inner plane and the inner part of the outer plane gets double LOW-E (soft metal) coating, and the air chambers are filled with double argon or cripton gas. A 3 plane glazing built in to 5 or 6 chambered profiles are the corner stones of building a passive house.

What makes a long-lasting exterior door/window?

The secret of the quality doors and windows is the materials used and the manufacturing and installation accuracy. An important factor for the longevity of the doors/windows is annual maintenance and for wooden structures the key point is regular treatment. We provide our customers with the necessary tools for the maintenance and our colleagues can offer professional help.

Why should you choose our interior doors?

Thanks to our raw materials and our special manufacturing tehcnology our products are free of curl, warping and cracking.

Doors with 3D folios  we use a 0,4 mm thick decorfoil instead of other doors 0,1 mm paper foils.

Custom-made, extra sized doors are manufactured without extra cost.

Instead of the drilled strap we use a much stronger buckle strap, hence avoiding the saging of the doorpanels.

And last but not least:

Why should you choose our company?

  • With 18 years of experience I can say, that we have encountered and installed all types of windows/doors used in building industry, weather it be built into historical buildings, public offices, modern structures or family houses – exterior or interior as well
  • we design and manufacture our exterior wood, plastic and aluminum doors/windows and the variety of these, and the interior doors and the connection interior designer elements, baring in mind quality and deadlines, without extra cost
  • we only sell products which satisfy all Hungarian and European requirements and quality standards
  • we train our colleagues to the highest standards, wheather it be an installer or someone from the showroom, amongst them we can find architects as well
  • we deliver a complex services, starting from giving advise through design, manufacturing and installation
  • we can give up to 10 years guarantee for doors and windows installed by our company